Wildlight: The Tide- Ayla Nereo Interview

‘The Tide’ from Wildlight has to be one of my favorite full albums of the year, with each play generating greater appreciation for all the nuances in the production, arrangement and depth of lyricism. There is a beauty and continuity that plays … Continue reading

Favorite Songs of 2015: Playlist

  Enjoy some of Mandakini’s Muses for the year 🙂 This playlist only contains sound cloud releases, so many other amazing music i fell in love with as well that wasn’t on the sound cloud…..   What was your favorite … Continue reading

Scarlet Crow: Jealousy

 Logan Norton Photography    Photography: Logan Norton Marya- As a part of the Scarlet Crow Remembrance project, Carmen and I have been excited about the use of photography to tell stories about feminine healing. As such, one of the major … Continue reading

Lulacruza: Orcas

I am stoked to share the music of Lulacruza, my favorite new album and new music discovery so far of 2015. A delightful listen all the way through, nourishing, calming and full of life. Grateful they took the time to … Continue reading