Marya Stark’s ‘Crossroads’- Behind the Scarlet Moon


 I  have had many requests for more insight into the making and intention of this video, so if you prefer having your own experience of the ‘Crossroads’ Video – and having any external thoughts on symbolism, or narrative intentions might cloud your experience or ruin it in any way…… please read no further!
Here I share more my own deeper analysis and explorations of this undertaking……
As a music therapist, I have a deep love of lyric analysis as a way to open dialogue for healing and growth, and so it is with that intention and educational background that I share this. I imagine that some people might have criticism about this way of sharing, and I am ok with that. I feel more inspired to share whats alive in my heart and open up in deeper conversation as an artist than maintain mystery in this instance. 🙂 I am personally one of those people who loves things and then researches as much information as the creators are willing to give about it- i love reading about paintings and films and t.v. shows (yes its true)- im a nerd. i am grateful to content creators for offering more than the content itself-
so…. from my heart to yours….. we pull open the curtains…..



With that said, thankyou for coming to learn more about the journey of this song and video. It is a vulnerable thing for me to share this much, and I am so elated to have this moment to do so. As I am completing this article, the Full Moon Lunar eclipse (aka the ‘Scarlet Moon’) is rising in the sky, and some of the biggest astrological transits of the decade are coming into place (though I am waiting until the new moon eclipse to post the article.) I did not intend or plan to release this video during an eclipse week, when the planets were literally at a cardinal crossroads (with many other significant aspects to this journey for me personally). I am humbled by the beauty of these moments of perfectly aligned magic- I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried- It just ripened. In awe of the mystery.

The idea for the video for this song started coming in pieces many years ago. Inspired by several shamanic performances I had seen, I wanted to create an offering that showed the stories we carry from our past experiences, whether wounds we carry from our youth into our adult relationships, or even from other timelines, past lives. I do not write this article now to prove past lives or not, though I have had experiences where I have been with a love, and so much of what I experience with them feels informed and influenced by our karmic patterns and histories. We seemed to be playing out stories which happened to different people in different circumstances, or patterns which exist collectively which have subtly shaped our individual ego constructs.


The song ‘Crossroads’ for me was a very personal journey to create, one that came through one of the great heartbreaks  and catalysts for transformation in my life. Lots of interpretations of the meaning of the song itself from personal relationship, to turning my back on my own spiritual practice, to addiction, to calling out for the Divine in those who have turned away from their own Essence. Being at the ‘Crossroads’ has endless meanings, and ‘Scarlet Moon’ is for me a symbol of not only the one who goes into the underworld of our own process and psyche (Persephone, Ishtar, Innana Mythos), but also of integrating the feminine stories- she has so many coming through, and I yearn to know her completely. All her light, all her shadow, all her hiding essence points, all her liberated fullness. She is also the Eclipse Cycle, when the shadow of earth falls Upon the moon, making it so that it appears crimson. During these times, the times of the eclipse, great tides turn in the collective consciousness. ITs as if past, present and future time lines are bent and lined up for re-patterning potential. This first eclipse is in Libra, the realm of relationship and balance. Relationship transitions feel to me like great eclipses of the heart and soul, and I believe that an opportunity for true initiation and healing of the collective in terms of relationship is open to us by exploring how we hold onto our past stories, and how we can ceremonially let them go. I know that for me, being witnessed with compassion in my own karmic patterns and stories, and holding a compassionate heart for people I have loved for their journeys has helped to transform the energy, the fears of abandonment, the ties to deep grief. The power of ceremony to speak to our subconscious is a powerful thing.

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 6.04.15 PM

The video shows a soul, Scarlet Moon, coming to meet her love at the crossroads. The shots then call back to another lifetime. Me and Travis (The ‘GateKeeper’, my collaborator and musical cohort in Stark Levity) were playing with alot of potential narratives in this first life. Years ago, I had an experience of meeting a beloved at a gathering, and having this specific sense of an unrequited love of a past life where we had lived in a cabin together, I had become pregnant (shown by the pomegranite seeds representing fertility and the journey of one of the decent goddesses Persephone). In the dream of that time, one ‘story’ is that ‘he’ left without stating why.  His spiritual path was calling him to move forth. He was seeking the holy grail, the crystal chalice. The endless search for a true union. The shock of him leaving suddenly was a stimulous for the ‘Scarlets’ subconscious to generate a belief, a story that became imprinted (as the tattoo on the arm) and carried into future lives. You see the man pick up a cross as he’s walking away, this is a symbol of him looking for the light at his own heart, searching for spirit, and a fore-shadowing of returning to the place where he left her, the crossroads.

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 6.06.43 PM

The Second series of shots shows ‘Scarlet Moon’ by the ritual fire. I once had a powerful relationship where I had many dreams, memories, flashes of us having been together in a life during a time of magic, and the war on magic. As such, She is there, praying by the fire, making offerings into the cauldron. One vision is that she is painting stones with honey (to sweeten the hearts of her enemies), and casting prayers for safety. Then her love comes with a sword, ready to leave for battle- she begs him to stay, and yet he is called by duty to go. This time-line is connected to the burning times for me, and when he goes, she pours the wine into the fire, a symbol of spilled blood, an emptying out of the chalice once full. She is later burned at the stake, the wars came, the magic didn’t ‘work’, our backs turned away from the goddess, and into the underworld we go. You see her after he leaves with ropes around her arms, teathered to the karma of that life, teathered to him, to her failure to ‘save’ him. She then picks up a pendant, one with a cross, and a scarlet moon, a ruby heart and two moons. This pendant to me symbolizes the forshadowing of the return of the goddess at the crossroads when they return to purify the imprints created in these two timelines. (more about the pendant at the bottom).


At the crossroads, we see Travis (the gatekeeper), envoking the Goddess. Having felt compelled to leave many times to find himself, to serve a bigger purpose, yet always having to leave his lady in order to do that. He is there, and calling upon her many names. The spirits come in as he calls them, all the Goddesses of the crossroads, Hecate, Persephone, Inanna, Ishtar. All the ones who stand as gatekeepers into the underworld, all the ones who have made the decent into the unconscious, into befriending death. He calls them, and they all become Scarlet Moon, the one who has always been there. The essence of the feminine spirit in all things.

She comes with the offering of the Scarlet Orb, the knowledge of the mysteries of the womb, of the blood, of death, of fertility, of sexuality, of purity, of the shadow. She comes, and offers it into the holy grail, and from this they see each others wounds, scars, chords, stories. They create a holy healing water. They witness each others karmic collection, the imprints resulted from their own ignorance; how they were tied to each other because of it. Together, at the crossroads, they are released. They untie the ties, cleanse the stories, accept and release it all. As they walk together to the water, they are free from the stories of the false pain, freed from the fears of abandonment and death, abiding in the peace of rebirth.


As I have come to learn, so much of the relationship between the masculine and feminine is unresolved stories, karmas ect. I believe we can heal and transform in this world the more we accept, love, and honor the journey of each other.We can learn to bring a deeper understanding. I believe that much of the hurt we experience in relationship is rooted in the veils of past pain. Collectively, we are moving towards greater awareness. In many ways, humanity is at a crossroads, the great eclipse of consciousness. As we release ourselves from these karmas we have access to a great awakening. I believe that our relationships hold many keys for us in our transformation.

I created this video as an offering. Of love and beauty and reconciliation. To all the loves who have taught me, to all the hearts we’ve broken open, I am eternally grateful to you for all of your teachings, wisdom, and care. I forever love you. I offer this to my own healing heart, as an act of truth, as a completion, as a formal release of these specific stories and all the like. I offer this to all of my holy teachers who have been sweet guides for me as I’ve stumbled through the recesses of my own uncoordinated mind stream- for your kindness in helping me to organize my mental constructs in more effective configurations, leading me deeper into my heart of love. To the Angel. To Scarlet Moon. To my sweet partner Faj, for all your endless love and support and empowering ways of being in my world. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.

To all of you, thankyou for joining this ride with me, this declaration of love and healing for my heart. May all beings be happy and free from the things that generate suffering in their hearts and minds. May we all walk through this threshold together, in love with the unknown, present for the miracles of light which await us.




P.S. More Fun Facts: About things in the video

 This magical ‘Scarlet Moon’ red orb- Fun thing with how I came upon this special sacred crystal orb. Several years ago, I traveled to Oregon to be a part of the Tribal Convergence Gathering. I was working with Verdarluz CelestiOwl and Binah Zing on developing a ritual theater performance offering for Ver’s astrology book about Chiron, the nodes and eclipses (as well as many other things). Not only did I learn alot during that time about the significance of the eclipses and deepen in my love for both ritual theater and astrology- I also met Cohen Being Cohen who later came on to direct the ‘crossroads’ video. As well, I met miss Neena Cicirello, one of the glorious goddesses in this video- During that trip, I bought this orb, as I was already obsessed with ‘Scarlet Moon’, and had given birth to this song, as well as several others in her domain. It has been with me ever since, serving as a totem for this story. I love how all the peices tie back together with this. Super charged.
Here is a close-up of the necklace worn in ‘Crossroads’- Scarlet discovers it in the second sequence after He leaves the scene- a foreshadowing of their meeting again at the crossroads– for me, it symbolizes so much. The Cross, of course being at the crossroads, seeking the light within- the two moons, aside from being an homage to pagan moon times, symbolizes the two, man and woman, polar opposites- the bejeweled ruby heart- a peering into all timelines of our bloodlines- connecting to past present and future together- and the winged ruby gem- the ascension of the red warrioress, the rise of the goddess- return of persephone after the descent into the underworld, return from the shadow realms- ascend of the phoenix. When she comes together at the end with The Gatekeeper, they cross the threshold of healing together. Just before the video released, I was wearing this pendant, and the cross broke off- for me it felt like a completion of being at this particular crossroads of healing- moving through and to the other-side, a glorious portal…
I suddenly feel like im telling the world my biggest secrets….




Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 3.35.14 PM


Marya Stark

‘Crossroads’ Directed by Cohen


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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Marya. Your brave heart and compassionate expression is truly an inspiration for us all. May we awaken and heal and love like we have never loved before. The time is now and the season for healing is ripe. May all beings be free, happy and peaceful.

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